I took a look at your resume…

TIPS (1)

Creating a resume might not be hard, but it’s not something to take casually either. Your resume is going to represent you to the hiring manager, so you need to make a good first impression through the only document that will best represent you. Managers receive a lot of resumes per job opening, they are looking for the best of the lot, and trust us, what you put on your resume and HOW you do it is important. Below are some tips from our Operations Manager who spends a lot of time reading resumes on any given day.

  1. Too Many Spelling Errors, Typos and Poor Grammar: This is resume etiquette 101. Don’t write a resume like you’re typing on your cellphone. It’s totally OKAY to use the full spelling of words, run a spell check and use a MLA guidelines book. Imagin I typ dis sentense this way n u end up not carin for what I say. Get it? If you don’t take your resume writing seriously, we won’t take you seriously.
  2. Formatting is Not Hard: Sometimes I look at a resume and wonder “what on earth happened here!!” You don’t need to use text boxes, convert it into a PDF, or worse; put your pretty picture on your resume (you think I’m joking?). Keep it simple, stick to the specifics and no amount of decoration and clip-art will get your resume anywhere. What bothers a lot of recruiters is when the formatting is not consistent throughout the document, spend some time and make it professional. If the resume looks lousy and we get the impression that you put it up hastily, no one will spend time fixing it for you, they will move on to the next one.
  3. Missing and Conflicting Details: There are tons of resume floating around that don’t have contact details, conflicting locations and inaccurate dates. This is very frustrating for us, how do we get in touch with you? Your current work location is NYC but your resume says your current address in Portland, OR? You don’t know when you’ll be available to join the next job if something works out for you? These are the basics, keep a check on it and make sure it’s updated on the resume.

We will post more resume tips for you. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, send me an email social@inabia.com


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