Proof-read your resume

Tips (2)

I was talking to a co-worker the other day and she brought up a very good point “proof-read your resume”. How many of us send our resumes to friends and people-we-know-in-that-industry to review it? Just think of all the good and constructive feedback you’ll get. So, that will be this post’s opening tip:

  1. Get Feedback on your Resume: I did this when I was looking out for a job, I sent my resume to few friends and told them what I was looking for in my next role. I made sure it was on MS word and this way they could add their comments and feedback right there. My resume went through many many versions before I decided to publish it. This is one of the best “free” advice you can get from people you trust. This has a lot of advantages; they will ask you questions, give you good feedback make you re-write the whole resume if needed or simply make you fill in the gaps. You just need to be open to criticism, they are after all helping you land a good job.
  2. Long Resumes/Paragraphs: Please don’t write paragraphs after paragraphs about what you did in your previous jobs. Keep it simple, highlight your strengths and stress on skills you want to specifically work in. We want to see how you solved a problem or what your contribution was. Keep the explanation for the phone screening.
  3. Apply for the right job a.k.a Qualified Candidates: If you are a chef looking for a job in the hospitality industry, make sure you apply to jobs where you might get a call back from. We get people from all kinds of backgrounds applying for a specific role with a specific skill set. If you have multiple skills that can fit two different job categories, tailor the resume to fit, but don’t apply for the sake of applying. That’s not going to get you anywhere. And definitely don’t include irrelevant job history, it’s just eating up your resume space and making it long.

We will be posting more tips from time-to-time. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, send us an email




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